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Uzbek's Customers' Visiting For 5 AXIS CNC Machine
Mar 14, 2019

Welcome guests from Uzbekistan’s mold industry to ALLES CNC factory for inspection of 5 axis CNC machines.

The customer in the mold industry entered ALLES CNC factory with the expectation. First, The customer in the mold industry visited the machine surface, spindle, oscillating head, rotary table, CNC system, chip conveyor, electrical and lubrication.


The machining center is a multi-functional CNC machine tool that can perform boring, milling, drilling, tapping and other processes, and is suitable for manufacturing industries such as molds, steel structures, wind energy, auto parts, and so on. After that, the machining center started to run, and ALLES CNC showed the customer in the mold industry the swinging head and the rotating table, and the movement of the stroke.

After that, the customer in the mold industry checked the machine's clamping workpiece function and went to the warehouse to view the various tools and accessories that needed to be prepared.

Finally, The customer in the mold industry visited the other types of machines in ALLES CNC factory, such as gantry movable cnc milling machine,large size cnc drilling machine,high speed cnc grinding machine,cnc punching machine and so on. The customer in the mold industry is very satisfied with the machine, he said that he is looking forward to this machine will work for him in the future.

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