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China Intelligent Manufacturing , Glitter The Whole World
Jan 28, 2019

                                                                           ——IMTEX 2019 Bangalore exhibition is in progress

     The exhibition effect was very good!

     Many visitors came to visit us and watched videos of our machine’s working progress.

     They consulted the machine and praised our technology. Through this exhibition, it is a matter of pride to show our machines to the world and get recognition.

     ALLES CNC always dedicates to providing the best cnc machines and service!

cnc machine made in china

     We have a lot of experience in drilling,milling, boring, grinding, punching and other processes.So we have proposed different processing solutions for our customers based on their workpieces.

cnc machine made in china

     We kindly introduced our cnc machines, such as cnc milling machine, cnc drilling machine, cnc machine center, cnc grinding machine, cnc punching machine, cnc milling and boring machine. etc to our customers, and the customers expressed great interest.

cnc machine made in china                         cnc machine made in china

                                     CNC Drilling Machine                                      CNC Milling Machine

cnc machine made in china

     ALLES welcomes you. We will discuss manufacturing and processing with you and provide you with perfect solutions.

Venue:Bangalore International Exhibition Centre,10th Mile Tumkur Road,Bangalore -562 123


Contact:Ms Lily


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cnc machine made in china

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