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CNC Ring Die Drilling Machine

CNC Ring Die Drilling Machine for Pellet Mill

CNC Ring Die Drilling Machine for Pellet Mill
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1. Machine Gearing
(2)Rack Gear Pinionimage004.jpg
(3)Ball Screwimage006.jpg
(4)Linear Guideimage008.jpg
2.   Machine System
(1)CNC system(Optional)
SIEMENS systemLYNUC system
KND systemSYNTEC system
(2)Lubrication system
(3)Chip collection
3.Processing Show
Drilling Head
Control System (optional)
Chip removal systemLubricationl system
Workpiece show
Knife Rest (optional)
Electrical systemotary

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 Products Information

CNC ring die drilling machine is mainly composed of CNC turntable and four feed spindle.


Technical specification:

1)CNC rotary table diameter is φ850mm,

2)Machinable workpiece diameter range of φ250mm-φ850mm;

3)Transmission way: double motor, no gap drive, transmission accuracy is 10 ";

4)lifting stroke is 330mm.

5)4 spindle horizontal arrangement, into a certain angle, the spindle power is 11Kw, torque is 35Nm, rated speed is 3000rpm, frequency conversion speed range is 50-8000 rpm.

6)4 spindle can be feed at the same time, can also be feed separately, feed stroke is 340mm; transmission way is double motor no gap drive; drilling diameter is φ2-φ18 design, drilling depth is ≤ 70mm.

7)Spindle cooling adopts central water discharge device, timely and efficient cooling.

8)Machine clamping method is the simple three-jaw positioning.

9)The maximum load of the machine is 500Kg.

10)Machine color is computer white.


The Main Configuration of the Machine Tool

1) NC system adopts SHENGYANG high precision CNC system

2) Guide rail adopts precision linear roller guide rail to ensure the machine accuracy and service life.

3) Equipped with zero clearance transmission of gear and rack.

4) Y, Z transmission system, adopts NC software limitation, electrical limitation and other control system to make sure a safe work environment. 5) Bed material: rotary table adopts 16Mn steel plate-welded, Stress relieving after welding (580℃ of the annealing temperature). ram adopts HT250 casting, artificial aging treatment.

6) All gear for machine tool adopts hard tooth surface nitriding treatment, high hardness, wear resistance.

7) Equipped with chip cleaner, at any time to clean up.



1. About special design

We have a very rich experience and strong machine tool research and development capability to meet your requst.

2. Servo-driven battery replacement

The absolute system data is maintained by the servo drive battery. When the battery voltage is too low (warning 9F), the driver battery needs to be replaced. Please order the same battery unit as soon as possible and keep the driver power on. Please turn on the power of the drive unit 30 minutes before replacing the battery, and replace the battery within 1 hour.