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CNC Cantilever Drilling Machine

Bridge Construction Cantilever Drilling Machine

Bridge Construction Cantilever Drilling Machine

Bridge Construction Cantilever Drilling Machine
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Product Showing


1. Machine Gearing
(2)Rack Gear Pinionimage004.jpg
(3)Ball Screwimage006.jpg
(4)Linear Guideimage008.jpg
2.   Machine System
(1)CNC system(Optional)
SIEMENS systemLYNUC system
KND systemSYNTEC system
(2)Lubrication system
(3)Chip collection
3.Processing Show
Drilling Head
Control System (optional)
Chip removal systemLubricationl system
Workpiece show
Knife Rest (optional)
Electrical systemotary

(only for for reference )

Products Information

1. Bed working table:

The bed is welded steel structural parts, the main frame is made of steel structural parts, processing after through artificial aging heat treatment and remove the internal stress, then having good dynamic and static rigidity, ensure no deformation. The worktable adopts cast iron HT250 structure, precion milling flat worktable is used for clamping workpiece, and also can equipment with pneumatic fixture, to make the clamping more easy. The maximum load bearing of worktable is 1T. Two rolling linear guide rail pairs and precision lead bars with ultra high bearing capacity are installed vertically on the left side , upper side and the side of the bed. The drive system adopts AC servo motor and precision screw, making the gantry moving in the X axis. It’s convenient to adjust the level of the worktable with adjustable bolts are distributed on the bottom of the bed.

2. Movable cantilever

Processing after through artificial aging heat treatment and remove the internal stress, this movable cast iron structure cantilever gantry has good dynamic and static rigidity, ensure no deformation. Two rolling linear guide rail pairs with ultra-high bearing capacity are installed on the front and upper side of the gantry. To make the power head skateboard moves in the Y axis direction, there are equipped with a high bearing capacity rolling linear guide, a set of precision ball screw and a servo motor on the upper part. In addition,  installing a drilling head on the power head skateboard. The moving of gantry is achieved by the servo motor driving the leading screw to rotate on the call screw through the coupling.

3、Movable saddle

The movable saddle is a steel structure, two high bearing capacity rolling linear guide, a set of precision ball screw and a servo motor are equipped on the saddle. Drive drilling power head in the Z axis direction, can achieve power head fast forward, working feed, fast backward, stop and other actions. Possessing automatic chip breaking, chip removal and pause function.

 4、Drilling head

Drilling head adopts air-cooled high speed frequency conversation precision electric spindle, achieving variable stepless speed, feed drive for servo motor and ball screw. X,Y axis can move together, adopt semi closed loop control, can realize the function of line and arc interpolation. The spindle is ER32 taper hole equipped with clamping bit or milling cutter, with higher precision and high speed cutting.

5. Automatic lubricating and protective device

This machine is equipped with automatic lubricating device which can automatically lubricating the automatic lubricating device and protective device. X and Y axis are equipped with dust shield, waterproof splash baffle is installed around the workbench.

6、Full digital nc control system

6.1 With chip breaking function, chip breaking time and chip breaking cycle can be set on the man-machine interface.

6.2 Have mentioned knife function, can set up knife on man-machine interface height, when drilling to the height, the bit fast mentioned above to the workpiece, then slammed crumbs, then fast forward to drill special shaving and automatically converted to working feed.

6.3 The centralized operation control box and handheld unit, adopts CNC system, with USB interface and LCD screen. For the convenience of programming, storage, display and communication, the operation interface has man-machine dialogue, error compensation, automatic alarm and other functions.

6.4 The equipment has the function of preprocessing and rechecking the hole position before processing, and the operation is very convenient.


Products Technical Specifications



Maximum workpiece size



Maximum thickness of    workpece(mm)


Vertical pillow    drilling power head



  • Spindle taper



drilling diameter(mm)


  • Spindle speed



Servo spindle motor    power(kw)


The distance from the    lower end face of the spindle to the workbench(mm)(mm)


The power head moves sideways(X axis)

maximum stroke(mm)


X axis movement speed(m/min)


X axis servo motor    power(w)


The moving column moves vertically(Y axis)

 maximum stroke


Y axis    movement speed (m/min)


Y axis    servo motor power (kw)


Vertical sliding pillow movement(Z axis)

maximum stroke (mm)


Z axis movement    speed (m/min)


Z axis    servo motor power (kw)

1×2.4 band-type brake

machine overall dimension



Triaxial positioning accuracy



Triaxial repeatable positioning accuracy



Gross weight (t)



1. Mechanical Parts Maintenance items:

(1) check the lubrication system, the state of the pressure gauge, clean the lubrication system filter, replace the lubricant, and clear the oil circuit.

(2) Check the air system, clean the air filter, and eliminate pressure gas leaks.

(3) check the fluid system, clean the filter, clean the fuel tank, replace or filter the oil. If possible, replace the seal.

(4) Tighten the transmission parts and replace the bad standard parts.

(5) grease lubrication parts, according to requirements, add grease

(6) clean, clean the transmission surface.

(7) Check the status of the tool magazine and robot, analyze the wear status of the robot, and propose replacement suggestions to the customer.

(8) Repair the damaged parts of the external components.

(9) check the state of the protective cover. Accurately feedback information to customers.

2. About package

wooden box

3. State of CNC machine

(1) The equipment surface is clean.

(2) The bed rails are free from scratches and bumps, and the chuck jaws and magazines are free of bumps.

(3) The lubrication system uses the right amount of oil.

(4)  Pump motor, normal lighting