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CNC Boiler Barrel Drilling Machine

Horizontal CNC Boiler Drum Drilling Machine

Horizontal CNC Boiler Drum Drilling Machine

Horizontal CNC Boiler Drum Drilling Machine
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Product Showing


1. Machine Gearing
(2)Rack Gear Pinionimage004.jpg
(3)Ball Screwimage006.jpg
(4)Linear Guideimage008.jpg
2.   Machine System
(1)CNC system(Optional)
SIEMENS systemLYNUC system
KND systemSYNTEC system
(2)Lubrication system
(3)Chip collection
3.Processing Show
Drilling Head
Control System (optional)
Chip removal systemLubricationl system
Workpiece show
Knife Rest (optional)
Electrical systemotary

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Product Information

ALTD1509/3 type drum horizontal three-spindle CNC drilling machine, also known as CNC drum drill, is mainly used for drilling processing of drums and similar parts. The drum process and similar parts are processed onthe  machine, and the whole drilling process is completed automatically. . CAD drawings can be entered directly and the system automatically generates machining programs. After the workpiece is hydraulically clamped, there are three drilling power heads to drill holes on the workpiece at the same time, which can improve the machining efficiency by 3 to 4 times. The drill bit is automatically cooled and the chips are automatically removed. The operation is extremely easy.


Machine structure features

1. The CNC drum drill No. 1 bed is mainly used to carry the workpiece. One end of the bed is fixed with a bed head, two rectangular rails are laid on the bed, and the tail and the bottom bearing can slide on the top. The hydraulic head chuck and the tail end are equipped with a hydraulic three-jaw chuck, which can automatically center the drum. Clamping, clamping diameter range Φ780 - Φ1500 mm; equipped with a lift on the lower bearing, when used to store the workpiece when up and down. The longitudinal movement of the bed tail can be adapted to a 2-9m long drum. Bed head with CNC indexing mechanism, rotation index within ±180°.

2. The machine bed No. II is mainly used to carry the longitudinal movement of the drilling power head. The machine has three independent drilling power heads, which rely on longitudinal slides and hydraulic slides to move longitudinally on the body of the No. II bed. It can be hydraulically locked by stopping the movement. The power head can realize self-controlled stroke through the hydraulic slide, and realize the automatic conversion of fast forward, forward and backward. By adjusting the position of the non-contact switch stopper, it is also possible to automatically stop when the drill bit exits a certain distance at the end of drilling, without having to completely retreat to the limit position, saving man-hours and improving efficiency. The three power heads are independent and can realize automatic drilling with high efficiency and accuracy. Maximum drilling diameter up to Φ10-Φ63mm, a wide range of processing.

3. The front and rear support of the CNC drum drill can be used to clamp the drum in the chuck, before and after the drum to achieve self-adjusting hydraulic tight, improving the drum drilling rigidity.

4. The CNC drum drill is equipped with a laser cross-line device, which can be installed in the spindle taper hole of any drilling power head according to need. It is convenient to correct the longitudinal and horizontal weld position on the cylindrical outer surface of the drum. Drilling position.

5. The workpiece CAD drawing can be directly input, and the system automatically generates a machining program. The three spindles divide the machining tasks of all holes equally. CNC control, Chinese interface, easy to operate.

6. The machine has four axes: the rotation of the workpiece and the longitudinal movement of the three power heads.

7. The CNC drum drill configuration of the linear rolling guide, gear rack, precision reducer, hydraulic pump, valve, PLC, servo motor, drive, etc., are mostly world-renowned brand manufacturers, and thus the reliability of the whole machine is very high , less failures, high operating rate.


Main Technical Parameters of The Machine Tool




Drum diameter range


Drum length range


Wall Max. thickness



Drilling hole Max diameter


Hole clearance accuracy

Adjacent hole clearance:±0.5mm
     Farthest hole clearance:±1.0mm



Drilling spindle
       Power Head

Max torque(n=80r/min)



Hydraulic slides,
     Fast Forward - Progress - Rewind Automatic    Conversion



Spindle Taper

Morse 6#

Spindle rotation speed


Spindle travel


Spindle feed speed
     (hydraulic stepless)


Spindle motor power


Hydraulic oil working temperature


Laser alignment device

Adjust hole group position according to weld    position

Workpiece rotation speed


Travel speed


Tailstock drive motor power


Slider drive servo motor power


Cooling pump motor power


Chip conveyor drive motor power


Chuck center height from the ground


Machine dimensions (Lx Wx H)

About 14x5x2.5m



1.  I knew nothing about this machine, what kind of machine i should choose?

Very easy to choose. Just tell us what you want to do by using CNC machine, then let us give you perfect solutions and suggestions.

2. When I got this machine, but I don’t know how to use it. What should I do?

We will send video and English manual with the machine. If you still have some doubts, we can talk by telephone or skype and e-mail.About package

3. How about the package?

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