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CNC Boiler Barrel Drilling Machine

High Speed CNC Boiler Barrel Drilling Machine

High Speed CNC Boiler Barrel Drilling Machine

High Speed CNC Boiler Barrel Drilling Machine
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Product Showing


1. Machine Gearing
(1)Reducer image002.jpg
(2)Rack Gear Pinion image004.jpg
(3)Ball Screw image006.jpg
(4)Linear Guide image008.jpg
2.   Machine System
(1)CNC system(Optional)
SIEMENS system LYNUC system
image010.jpg image012.jpg
KND system SYNTEC system
image014.jpg image016.jpg
(2)Lubrication system
image018.jpg image020.jpg
(3)Chip collection
image022.jpg image024.jpg
3.Processing Show
Drilling Milling
image026.jpg image028.jpg
Tapping Screwing
image030.jpg image032.jpg
Drilling Head
image034.jpg image036.jpg
image038.jpg image040.jpg
Control System (optional)
image042.jpg image044.jpg
Chip removal system Lubricationl system
image046.jpg image048.jpg
Workpiece show
image050.jpg image052.jpg
image054.jpg image056.jpg
image058.jpg image060.jpg
Knife Rest (optional)
Electrical systemotary
image064.jpg image066.jpg

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Product Information

Horizontal CNC boiler barrel drilling machine It is mainly used in the boiler industry to use high-speed steel twist drills to drill pipe holes on the set-up pipes, and special high-speed steel combination drill boring tools can be used to complete the welding groove processing. Instead of manual marking, the position accuracy and drilling efficiency of the hole are greatly improved, and drilling is automated.

Machine structure features

1. The machine tool is composed of a base, a gantry, a numerical control indexing head, a drilling head, a vertical slide table, a header support frame, a clamping pressure cylinder, a chip removal and cooling, an automatic lubrication, a hydraulic system, a pneumatic system, and an electrical system.

2. The base is the basic part of the machine. The welded steel structure is treated with thermal aging stress to have good rigidity and stability. The bottom of the base is covered with a number of adjustable foundation screws, which can be easily adjusted to ensure the flatness and straightness of the guide surface on the base.

3. The gantry adopts welded frame structure. Longitudinal movement of the gantry (X-axis) adopts two high-capacity 65-row linear roller guides that are fixed on the pedestal. The drive adopts AC servo motor via precision reducer and anti-backlash rack and pinion pair. It is equipped with a hydraulic locking slider, which locks the slider when the drive motor stops, enabling the gantry to lock on the base. Ensure high X-axis positioning accuracy and quick positioning.

4. The CNC indexing head is fixed at one end of the machine base. With precision slewing bearings, AC servo motors achieve numerical control indexing through precision planetary reducers. The three-jaw self-centering chuck is installed on the dividing head, which can easily clamp and release the workpiece and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

5. Drilling head and vertical slide

The drilling head is driven by a variable frequency motor via a gearbox to drive the drilling spindle. The vertical slide uses a linear roller guide guide, and the vertical feed is driven by an AC servo motor to achieve fast forward/work in/out (delayed)/reverse action.

The head of the drilling head spindle is Moser No. 5, which can directly install various diameters of high-speed steel twist drills, or special combination drilling tools

6.Set box support frame

There are two kinds of support frames, two support frames at the two ends, and three intermediate support frames. The two ends of the support frame are equipped with two rollers for supporting the outer surface of the header pipe to adapt to different diameters of the header pipe. Firstly, the rollers on the support frame are installed at different positions, and secondly, the support frame can be supported. The height is adjusted (hand screw jack elevator) and can be locked after adjustment. The difference between the middle support frame and the two end support frames is that the support frame can swing to adapt to the bending and ellipse of the tank set. The longitudinal movement of the two support frames is rolling friction.

7.Pressure cylinder

When the gantry is moved to the drilling position, the clamping pressure cylinder can press the collecting tank to reduce the vibration during the drilling process. The clamp pressure is adjustable (hydraulic pressure).

8.Chip removal and cooling

A plate-shaped chain chip remover is installed in the trench below the base, and the chips can be automatically discharged into the tail-end chip conveyor to achieve a civilized production. A cooling pump is provided in the coolant tank of the chip conveyor to cool the tool externally to ensure the drilling performance and service life of the drill. The coolant can be recycled.

9. Automatic lubrication

This type of box drill is equipped with automatic lubrication device, which can automatically lubricate the guide rail pair, gear pair, rack and pinion pair.

10. Advanced electrical control, using FAGOR8055 CNC system and host computer management, greatly facilitate the storage, call, display, diagnosis and operation, to achieve the drilling process automation, workpiece CAD drawings can be directly input, automatic programming.

11. The key mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components of this type of box drill configuration, such as linear roller guide pair, precision speed reducer, rack and pinion pair, hydraulic pump, valve, servo motor and driver, numerical control system, etc. are mostly well-known foreign manufacturers. Products, so the machine's accuracy and reliability, low failure, high operating rate.


Main Technical Parameters of The Machine Tool




Drum diameter range


Drum length range


Wall Max. thickness



Drilling Power Head



Spindle taper

Morse 6#

Max diameter of borehole


range of rotation


Max torque


Spindle motor power


Vertical slide (Z axis)

Vertical stroke


Axis feed speed


Z axis servo motor power


Vertical slide spacing    adjustment(Y axis)

Three drill head spacing

     (CNC adjustable)

Spacing adjusts    servo motor power



Gantry movement (X axis)

X axis maximum    stroke


X axis maximum    movement speed


X axis servo    motor power


X axis    positioning accuracy

0.2mm/full length

Pressure cylinder



Clamp pressure


 Pot tube    support


Support frame    at both ends


Intermediate support


Supporting force                                    


Hydraulic system

Hydraulic pump    pressure/flow                      


Hydraulic pump motor    power                             


Compressed air supply    pressure                           


Chip removal and cool down

Chip form                                

Flat chain

Chip conveyor    motor power                            


Cooling pump    motor power                          


Numerical control points
     Degree head

Indexing rotation speed    (CNC)                       


Indexing accuracy                                  


Indexing servo    motor power                           


Electrical System

CNC system                                  


Numerical axis number                               


Total power of motor                               


Machine dimensions (length    x width x height)                  


Machine weight